The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (the “Commission”) selected RISC to provide the state group E&O insurance policy for real estate licensees. Continental Casualty Company, a CNA insurance company, is the insurance carrier. The program exceeds state requirements and provides the required limits of $100,000 per claim, up to $1,000,000 aggregate, per licensee with no deductible for damages or claim expenses – all for an annual premium rate of $126 per licensee for the 2019 policy or just $106 for the 2020 policy. For more information about the Group Program, click here.

  • To complete the purchase, you will need the physical business address (NOT a P.O. Box) of your Principal Broker’s office where your license is kept on file.
  • Current Licensees
    • If you have an existing account with RISC, click here to login.
    • If you do not have an existing account, proceed with entering information in the fields below to be used to auto-populate your contact information, confirm coverage with the Commission, and allow you to renew your real estate license. If this information does not match our database, there may be a delay in confirming your coverage with the Commission.
    • The license number should be the one issued to you by the Commission in November 2017 or later, which may be found on the Commission’s site at
  • License Applicants (Not Yet Received a License Number)
    • Enter “Pending” as your license number.